Interview Of The Month: Mr. Canadian Budget Binder

We spoke to Mr. Canadian Budget Binder (Mr. CBB) - anonymous Canadian blogger writing about budgeting, finance, frugal tips, recipes and more.

We'll be running the 'Interview of the month' section every month and main focus will go to the personal finance bloggers based in Canada, we hope you'll find these interviews useful in many ways.

• How did you come around the idea to start a blog – was it a serious plan from the beginning?

I started thinking about blogging in Jan 2012 when we really got into budgeting and saving money. We wanted to create a plan so we would stay on track each month spending less than we earn in order to pay off this mortgage and focus on other financial endeavors.

Budgeting has since become a part of our life that we work on as a couple. It really did bring us closer together in terms of our finances and something I recommend every couple should do. The blog was always meant to be an outlet to share our journey and what we have and continue to do along the way.

• What have you learned from blogging – how this has improved your life?

I've learned that there is more to a blogging than simply typing out what information you want to get across to anyone who wants to listen. Blogging has enriched my life not only from the Bloggers and fans that I have become virtual friends with but from those who help me when I need it and vice versa. They keep me walking the financial path and motivate me as much as I motivate them, it's a two-way street. There's no one person or personal finance blog who is above each other it's about the journey not the numbers.

• Please tell what you are doing besides your blog – professionally.

Besides blogging I work full-time.

• Where do you get the inspiration for writing the blog?

When I started the blog the inspiration came from with-in and personal experience and it still does. Now it has spread out to include experiences from the fans, questions from the fans and anything else that seems to pop up that I want to talk about. It's important for me to connect with and engage fans to challenge their own finances and likely why the Grocery Game Challenge has become a big part of the blog and for those that want to get back on track financially.

• What are the biggest challenges you have as a blogger?

The biggest challenges when it comes to blogging is the planning and scheduling although I'm used to it now. I've always got drafts in my blogging queue waiting for me to bring to them to life at any given time. I also enjoy reaching out or having others contacting me to come forward and share their story. Any time I think of a topic I document the idea so I can re-visit it later on.

I began to read posts written from other Bloggers which include tips and advice on how to grow a blogs presence on the internet. I really had no idea how much science there was to blogging. I've been working on educating myself on the art of blogging and although I'm far from an expert I've come a long way since my first blog post. Sometimes it's hard to look back and read my posts but it's a sure sign that I've grown as a writer.

• Do you keep in touch with the local blogger community – do you meet, or exchange with an ideas?

I'm in touch with fellow Bloggers on a daily basis through social media, email or their blog. The personal finance and frugal communities that I wrap my blogging hobby around have been very supportive of CBB. I've always paid that forward and given back to new Bloggers who come to me for tips and advice on their own blog. That's the beauty of learning and growing as a Blogger.

• Who are your favourite Bloggers / Authorities you follow online?

There is no one favorite Blogger or Authority figure that I follow.

I tend to surround myself with Bloggers:
• That aim to build a community with their fans
• Have an online presence
• Willingness to share and help others
• Positive in nature yet stand their ground and educate through experience

What's been apparent to me over the past year is how many people out there are looking for an outlet to share their voice and listen to what others have to say. I honestly never thought anyone would want to read my blog, but I was proven wrong.

The fans are what drive me and keep me going because without their support there would be no Canadian Budget Binder. I've come to get to know many of my Facebook fans who join me daily on my page and even keep the page going when I'm not around. The emails I get are touching and inspiring and although I can't give professional advice I do lend an ear to those who want someone to listen.

• Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy DIY projects, reading and home renovations. I'm the guy who likes to take things apart and put them back together again. I also enjoy gardening vegetables as well as growing flowers. I enjoy re-purposing and thinking outside the box instead of running out to buy something new. Keeping fit is part of my daily routine as well as creating new frugal meals and baked treats in the CBB kitchen.

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