Best Ways to Save Money With Home Cooked Meals

More and more families are considering home-cooked meals not just for family bonding but more so to save on money. Stacey and Amanda are Canadians moms who are co-authors of the famous site, where you can find a whole variety delicious home-cooked meals. Here are some tips on the best ways to save money on home cooked meals.

Just like so many Canadian moms today, preparing your own meals from home is the best way to discover and reinventing so many delicious and healthy dishes and is also an effective way of maximizing the value of your every penny.

A typical family of four can budget an estimated $200 per week and saves about $10 to $15 dollars per meal as oppose to dinning outside. It does entail more effort and time to prepare, clean up and make meals from scratch but it’s always something that the family can enjoy doing together.


The key to an effective home cooking is to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk will usually give you better discounts and promos that can help you cut on grocery costs. Read ads and be constantly updated on promos your grocery store offers for the season so you can plan you meals based on the ingredients on sale.

Don’t just buy in bulk, cook in bulk as well. Prepare food good for two to three meals, in this way you’ll have meals ready to serve in just a few minutes, its saves you time and effort. You can also pack your extra meals for lunch at work or for the kids in school without having to stress yourself preparing everything in the morning.

Make every conscious effort to save money on meal ingredients. Explore your creativity by replacing expensive ingredients with cheaper ones. Don’t be afraid to use generic brands, they will serve just as well. You can buy less premium cuts on the meat and tenderize them with the use of a pressure cooker. Or you can eliminate ingredients that simply add to colour and plating but have no significance on taste. Simply be creative!

When shopping for vegetables and fruits, try to work on a menu that uses those that are on season. Out of season fruits and vegetables will cost you a lot more than those in season, plus they taste a whole lot better too. When buying vegetables, try and see if you can make do with frozen ones because they cost less than the freshly picked ones and can still supply you with the same nutrients.

Schedule a leftover weekend day. All left over meals and ingredients for the whole week can be consumed during the weekend before they spoil. Leftover meals are a good way to make-up for a complete variety of meals. Just make sure to store your leftover in containers or zip-lock bags and freeze them to retain their quality. But when you do, make sure you remember to serve them and not end up discarding them all together, to avoid this you can keep a list of your left-overs pinned on your fridge so you’ll know what you’re working with for the week-end.

Avoid using ready-to-use mixes and sauces, for example bottled teriyaki sauce, beside avoiding its preservatives that can be harmful to your health you get to save a lot if you create your own from scratch ingredients. Using a cook book or researching on the internet is a useful way to get you the exact measurements you need to put together to avoid wastage and ending up spending more.

When you want a perfect mix between healthy meals and cost efficiency, nothing beats home-cooked meals. Yes it may seem a little of an inconvenience if your living a fast paced life, but will serve rewarding once you get used to it. Remember that convenience also has its price, both monetary and health-wise. So if you want to get started today, start with these two major steps to jump-start your journey towards healthy and delicious home-cooked meals:

1.Get your pen and paper and prepare a carefully thought out grocery shopping list. Believe it or not, you save a lot of money by simply going to the grocery prepared, in this way you avoid those quick grabs from the shelves that will have you spending more. Never go to the grocery un-armed with a grocery shopping list!

2.Second, prepare a menu calendar and plot your meals way ahead, if you can plot for the entire month then so much the better.

Start your journey with these two easy steps and you’re sure on your way to a healthy and delicious home cooking the family will be looking forward to everyday!