Top Internet Based Opportunities

If you having been looking the best work at home jobs while on your regular job or you are a stay at home mother who wants to make income, there are lots of home job opportunities that can be found online.

It all depends on your expertise and by the time you know it, you are making good income offering your services to people who need them and are willing to pay for such services. Listed below are some of the job opportunities that are open to you. They are:

Freelance Writing Jobs:

  • Do you have that flair for creative writing?
  • Are you a retired school teacher?
  • Do you know how to make people come back for more with written content?

If your answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then you can make money working as a freelance writer, from the comfort of your home, as far as you have access to a computer and reliable internet service. There are lots of online portals where writing projects are posted by clients who want their writing needs taken care of. It could be website content, articles, blog posts, press release, reports, ebooks, reviews, thesis and lots more.

internet based job opportunities

Freelance Graphic Designing:

Do you have a way with CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop and any other graphic designing software? Then you are on your way to making reasonable income online. Just like the best jobs & work for freelance writing, there are online websites that are designed to bring both buyers and contractors together where money exchanges hands for services rendered.


Do you have good typing speed with minimal error? Then you can work remotely and earn money transcribing audio recordings of speeches or lectures for various clients. Apart from a computer and reliable internet service, you are also expected to have some software that makes the work of transcribing files very easy.


The fourth among the home job opportunities, this is one method of making the best money from home that has seen lots of stay-at-home mums have reasonable cash at their disposal on weekly basis. It entails giving your honest opinion about a service, product or firm and getting paid for doing so. The amount you make per survey depends on the company. There are lots of survey sites online but care should be taken not to fall prey to scam sites.

Customer Service:

In most cases, this job pays hourly. You are required to serve as a representative for a given company and attend to its customers’ questions online or through email responses. There are lots of reputable companies that match contractors with companies in need of such services. If you own a computer, have access to internet and a phone, you are good to go.

Website Designer:

I know a lot of people who make more not less than $1,000 a month designing websites for various clients. In this age of internet, any business that wants to see the light of the next day ought to have a website and for this reason, the demand for website designers has continued to increase on daily basis. There are a few reputable virtual workers’ sites that bring these online business owners and designers together in conducive working environment; that is virtually.

Home business:

If you find yourself not skilled in any of the mentioned home job opportunities, then you have the option to start up a home business. You can start small by registering with online auction websites and listing any used items you can lay your hands on, starting from your home of course.

You can sell old items like toys, clothes, books, hand tools, kitchen appliances, office equipments etc. You can also hold garage sales. On the other hand, you may choose to open a day care centre but make sure you comply with the rules guiding your locality. You can start with a few kids from your neighbourhood and with time, advertise your services to a larger audience.

Whatever it takes, if you have decided to check out any of the work for home job opportunities, always keep your eyes open for any signs of scam. Any website that promises you will earn thousands of bucks within a few days working just a couple of hours a day, stay away from such site.

As far as home jobs are concerned, you can make money from it but not overnight, it is not a get-rich-quick job. It takes time to get to the top and if you don’t have the patience, then home jobs are not for you.