Tips for Working Stay-at-Home Moms

Working from home has many advantages for moms in terms of juggling work and children. Here are some tips as to how to get the best out of stay at home mom jobs.

Make It Clear that You Are Working

One of the reasons why home working can be more productive than being in an office is that home workers are out of the reach of people who will try to pass on work they could and would do themselves if they had to. Unfortunately, the danger of home working is that family will then assume a similar role. This is where it helps to have a designated work area; one which is understood to be out of bounds.

Separate Telephone and E-mail

If regular phone calls are going to be required, then it may be worth installing a second landline. Alternatively, business calls could be directed to a dedicated Skype ID (which has the advantage that calls can be answered from anywhere there is an internet connection). It may also be helpful to have a dedicated cell phone number. These can be given to friends and family as emergency contact numbers in the same way as regular office and business cell phone numbers.

Keeping personal and business numbers separate not only helps with managing calls but also makes life easier when it comes to filing tax returns. When creating a business email address, it’s easy to get one for free from one of the many internet email providers. Domains can be bought very cheaply and owning one allows huge flexibility and consistency when managing email and developing websites.

Keep Networking

One of the major disadvantages of doing jobs at home as a mom is that it can become very easy to drop out of work related circles. While this may have little impact in the short term, in the long term it can mean losing out on work related opportunities and also limiting options for socializing. Ultimately, there is a strong danger of becoming very isolated unless home workers actively make an effort to connect with people outside their immediate circle, even if only online.

Take Regular Breaks

Particularly, when first setting out as a home worker, it can be very tempting to work non-stop, skipping breaks and lunch. Those who are self-employed are especially likely to extend working hours long beyond the traditional working day (or week). While this may lead to increased earnings to begin with, sooner or later it leads to burnout and can have a serious impact on family relationships. It can also cause significant health issues.

Invest in Training

Most parents see their children’s education as being critical, however in today’s ever changing world, it’s just as important that adults invest in their own development. It is highly unlikely that the business model which is currently paying the bills is still going to be exactly the same in five years’ time, let alone ten years’. Technology moves on as do laws and best practices. New skills come to be in demand while old ones become obsolete. It is therefore absolutely vital to keep in tune with current (and future) trends and take steps to be able to meet future demand.