Beginner Tips: Earn Money at Home

The Reasons Why

Many people see being able to work from home as a win-win situation. The ability to earn money from home without the presence of a boss seems ideal. There is also the added bonus of not having to spend money on traveling to and from work, while those with children can avoid expensive daycare costs. In this article we will look at some of the best work from home jobs available.

best ways work from home

Customer Support

There are numerous companies over Canada who outsource their customer care or technical support to home workers. The company require their employees to have: a computer, broadband and a telephone but provide all the necessary training and software. Calls from customers will be redirected to the employee's home phone and the employee will have all the information in front of them to help.

Companies choose to do this to cut down costs of maintaining a place of work. Home workers will have to agree to work certain shift patterns. The rate of pay & money earned at home differs with each company but home workers can expect to earn the same as call center staff. The usual rate of pay is between 12 and 15 Canadian dollars an hour.

Freelance Work From Home Roles

Some companies outsource specific jobs or tasks on the Internet through freelance websites. A company will request a job or task to be done and interested people can bid for the work. The jobs vary greatly from data entry and survey completion to article writing.

A major advantage is that you are not limited to work from Canadian companies but can work for any international business. Such work often suits home workers as you can choose your workload and be selective on the kinds of tasks you undertake. When you earn money from home, the rate depends on the difficulty of the job and the length of time it would take to complete.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Selling unwanted items on online auction sites is a good way to earn a few extra dollars. However, there will become a point when you have nothing left that you want to sell. That said, the business savvy home worker can make more of a career from it. It is possible to buy certain items in bulk for a reduced price and sell them for a profit. Some items that are desirable in Canada can be bought at a cheaper price in bulk from abroad.

Every sale, therefore, will generate a profit. There is also an opportunity for the creative home worker to sell their products online. If you have a particular skill in arts and crafts you can sell your items online. Again, buying your materials in bulk is likely cut costs and increase your profit margin.

Traveling everyday to a place of work, negotiating through traffic jams and dealing with office politics is not for everyone. As you have seen, it is possible to remain in the comfort of your own home and still make a reasonable income.

Many companies are willing to outsource various jobs and tasks to home workers to save on their own costs which gives home workers the opportunity to earn money at their own pace in their home environment.