How to Become a Product Tester in Canada

Product Testing - Getting Started

One of the most cost effective ways of businesses generating interest in their products is through product testing. The idea is that they send out a limited number of products to consumers who meet their target demographic.

The consumers use the product for a specified time and, as part of the deal, they write a review which the company can then publish on their own website or literature as desired.

In recent years, since blogging has really taken off, companies often ask a prolific blogger to test and review their products. In return, the reviewer gets to keep the product and in some cases there is a financial reward also.

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How to Become a Product Tester

If you're looking to get into becoming a product tester, there are two main ways of starting off.

(1) There are a number of sites out there where you register as a panelist, filling in your profile page with information about your marital status, dependents, annual income etc, then wait for the site to contact you with any suitable products to trial.

While this is certainly an easier method of joining a product testing panel, the trials aren't regular and you could go months without receiving a single product. Generally, there are less male product testers, so if you are a woman, please note, product trials can be more frequent for males.

(2) The other method is a long term solution. If you have a blog or similar, such as a high profile Facebook or Twitter page, it's entirely possible that advertisers will be more than willing to send a product for you to test if they think you will write a positive review for all your readers to see.

This only works if your area of expertise matches the business's target demographic profile. For example, a baby/child based company might send products to a female blogger with two small children. If you have a particularly large following you can command cash incentives on top of the freebie. If the business is happy with your performance, you may find they will come back again and again with different products.

Focus Groups

Another opportunity to earn money from product testing is by participating in focus groups. These groups invite a small number of people, usually no more than 15-20 to a presentation where they are given a product and told how to use it. The participants take the product home with them, try them for a specified time and return to give feedback.

Focus groups normally last for between 1-2 hours, the second visit lasting longer than the first. As an incentive, the reviewer is usually allowed to keep the product and also either given a monetary reward or something similar such as gift vouchers etc. Different companies pay different amounts, so always check before agreeing to be part of a panel.

Research is key

The main thing to remember when looking into product testing jobs is do your research properly. While the vast majority of companies are legitimate, there are some unscrupulous individuals out there who will try and make a buck at the expense of others. Check reviews on the internet and never pay to join a group or for a list of information.

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