Market Research Companies in Canada: How to Get Started

Getting Involved in Market Research

Market Research can take a number of forms including focus groups, product testing or survey completion. Of these options, the most popular for companies is getting respondents to complete online surveys.

With a paid survey, a Canadian market research company will either pay you in cash or points in return for you sharing your opinion. Getting started with survey sites is a simple process where you just need to complete a short online registration form, but remember no reputable survey site will ask you for payment as part of the registration process, so be sure to avoid those which do.

Genuine companies include: IPSOS Canada, Leger Web, Nielsen Homescan, Global Test Market, Survey Lion, Hotspex, Net Panel, Harris Poll Online and the Angus Reid Forum.

Once you have registered with a company, you will need to complete the profile section. This is an important part of the process as having a fully completed profile will increase the number of surveys you are eligible for. Rest assured, your details will stay with the company and won't be passed on.

Survey Earnings

The amount you will earn from a survey site will vary depending on the amount of time you choose to dedicate to completing surveys and the length of survey available. Most completed surveys will earn you between one and six Canadian dollars, although occasionally you may get a survey that pays up to 15 dollars.

To help maximize your earnings, you should sign up to as many survey companies as possible as there is no limit to the number you can register with. However, it is important not to set up multiple accounts as this will be easily detected and all accounts will be deleted. Not all survey sites pay in cash; some will offer the chance to collect and exchange points for gift vouchers of your choice.

Rewards and Pay-outs

To be eligible to claim your earnings from market research companies in Canada, you will have to reach a certain pay-out level. This differs between companies, with the lowest being 10 Canadian dollars and the highest 50. Payment will be generally be made by PayPal although a number of companies do pay by check. The types of gift voucher that can be claimed include Amazon, American Express and Boston Pizza, to name but a few.

Other Types of Market Research

If you are interested in product testing, there are a number of sites such as Bzz Agent, Urban Moms and PTPA media that offer free products for members to test. However, even when you are signed up, testing opportunities do not come along too regularly so these should be viewed as more of a bonus than a regular means of earning.

Alternatively, there are focus groups where 15 to 20 people meet with a researcher in person to discuss a particular product or service. These groups tend to be most popular with bigger companies launching new products. Companies who are recruiting online for focus groups in Canada include NPD Canada and Brand Institute. Naturally, you will need to register before you are eligible to take part.

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