Money Saving Tips

3 Steps to Save Money While Travelling

Are you saving up for an exotic vacation? Thinking of backpacking across Europe? How about exploring the Australian outback or an African safari? If travelling is in your near future, it pays to read up on tips and tricks to save money on unnecessary travel related fees and expenses. The less you pay in fees, the more money you have left over for fun stuff! Read Full Article »

8 Great and Free E-books to Help You Save Money

If you’re looking for some inspiration to save more of your money, here is a list of 8 free e-books that can help you do just that. From short and concise to detailed full-length tomes, these e-books cover a range of topics which include cutting costs, investing, RESPs and great Canadian websites. Hurry, some may not be free for long! 1. Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page by Trent Hamm - The Simple Dollar Trent has been writing over at The Simple Dollar since 2006. He writes about fighting debt... Read Full Article »

How to Discuss Money Questions Before Marriage

Did you and your spouse have “the talk” before getting married? You know the one I mean – the one about personal finances? Read Full Article »

16 Job Ideas for Part Time Students in Toronto

Working while going to school isn’t easy. It can be quite the balancing act to earn enough to support yourself while attending school, completing assignments and studying. If you’re a part time student in Toronto, you luckily have many opportunities to find interesting work that can fit your school schedule. Remember to consider a potential job’s location – look for work close to where you live or convenient by public transit in order to cut down on travel time and expenses. Read Full Article »

How to Choose the Cheapest and Most Reliable Phone Contract

Recently, cell phone rules have changed. The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission or CRTC has imposed a new code of conduct for wireless companies. What exactly do these changes mean for us as consumers? What should we look for when choosing a new cell phone contract? Read Full Article »

The 37 Ideas for Saving Money

Depending on your current stage in life, your goals may include finding your first job, eliminating your debt, building your nest-egg or making your savings grow enough to retire. Here are different money saving tips that can help you increase your wealth in different life situations. Read Full Article »

The Best Second-Hand Purchases in Canada

Buying second-hand can save you lots of money. Many items will cost 50% to 80% less if bought used instead of new. If you don’t shop second-hand often, you can start by searching out yard sales, community sales, consignment and thrift shops and online sites such as Kijiji and eBay. Here are the purchases that will give you the best savings. Babies and young children are constantly outgrowing their clothes, often before the items show signs of wear. Buying a whole new wardrobe for your baby every few months can be expensive. Luckily, it’s... Read Full Article »

How to Reduce Your Food Budget

Food prices in Canada have been skyrocketing for the last year. A quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things can sometimes mean fifty dollars for a bag or two of groceries! But one spending area that is somewhat flexible is our food budget. Changing a few of our shopping habits can save us some money. Here a few tips to keep your expenses in check without giving up healthy, quality meals. Yup, the infamous grocery list. By writing down what you need and sticking to the list, you’ll avoid buying more than you can eat. A grocery... Read Full Article »

Same Fun, Less Money

It’s easy to fall into a habit and spend more than we really need to. Here are a few ideas to have the same fun, but spend less doing so. Read Full Article »

The Real Cost of Automatic Monthly Fees

Living within your means is the first step in getting your financial house in order. If you’re having a hard time doing so, you have two basic options: make more money, or spend less. Sounds simple, but where to start? Let’s look at spending less with one big budget killer – the automatic monthly fee. Read Full Article »