16 Job Ideas for Part Time Students in Toronto

Working while going to school isn’t easy. It can be quite the balancing act to earn enough to support yourself while attending school, completing assignments and studying. If you’re a part time student in Toronto, you luckily have many opportunities to find interesting work that can fit your school schedule. Remember to consider a potential job’s location – look for work close to where you live or convenient by public transit in order to cut down on travel time and expenses.

Part-time job ideas

Below are a few ideas to get you thinking of possible job opportunities. Some positions also offer great perks, so inform yourself about all of the benefits to find employment that best fits your needs.


Parents sometimes need extra support with their children’s learning. Working as a tutor pays well and offers lots of flexibility. You could be working with younger or older children, tutoring them in subjects they struggle with, such as Math, Science, English or French. Looking through the want ads and putting up posters in your local library and nearby schools can help you build a clientele.

Waitress or Hostess

Toronto is renowned for its multiculturalism and fabulous restaurants. Working as a waitress or hostess is a great way to earn money while going to school. The tips at fine dining establishments can make working a few shifts per week quite worthwhile.


If you like going to the gym, why not try to get a job there? You’ll be able to use the facilities for free and possibly be paid to workout. Jobs could include customer service, teaching classes, becoming a personal trainer or a fitness consultant. Some gyms even offer childcare positions.


Working as a nanny during the day could leave your evenings and weekends free to take classes and study. If you also need to rent a room or apartment, finding a live-in position will also provide you with a nice place to stay in a family environment.

Freight or Factory Work

If you’re willing to take on a physical job, loading and unloading freight at one of the city’s docks or terminals is a possibility. Heavy lifting is also part of many factory jobs. The work is strenuous so it isn’t for everyone, but the pay is usually higher than minimum wage.

Night Crew – Stocking Stores

Grocery stores, pharmacies and home improvement stores often stock their shelves at night after store hours. If you don’t mind working the graveyard shift, stocking shelves can help you pay the bills.

Pizza Delivery

You must know the city well and enjoy driving to succeed as a delivery person. Shifts tend to be during the late afternoon and evenings and the tips are a nice bonus.


Working part time as an office assistant or receptionist can work nicely for you if you tend to take night courses. The work environment is pleasant and professional, which may be a nice transition for someone studying business in school. Responsibilities may include filing, answering telephone calls, keeping records, typing and scheduling appointments.

Hotel Guest Services

With Toronto being such a tourist destination, positions at hotels are plentiful. You could work the front desk or in housekeeping, choosing a schedule that works around your school timetable. Excellent customer service and a professional attitude are key qualities to getting a position in this industry.


If you drive both standard and automatic and can provide excellent customer service, consider a valet position at one of Toronto’s many hotels or restaurants. You’ll be paid to park the guests’ Jaguars, Mercedes and Porsches... your friends will be jealous.

Event Security Guard

Do you enjoy concerts or Blue Jays games? With a 40 hour basic training course, you can apply to become licenced as a security guard and be qualified to work at special events, concerts, baseball games and hockey games. Most positions are evenings and weekends, which work well for students.

Transit Station Attendant

Working for the GO Transit System is a great job for students. Tasks involve selling tickets, responding to questions, helping passengers find their way and conducting safety checks. You will need First Aid Certification and be able to understand schedules. These positions pay well, starting much above minimum wage. Part time hours are also available.


Working at your favorite clothing or book store can give you great discounts while helping you earn money for school. Some stores offer discounts as high as 50 per cent off store merchandise to their employees.

Private Investigator

If you have a car and lots of patience, working for a private investigator may be a good job for you. Most jobs involve single car mobile surveillance in and around Toronto. Other jobs may include doing internet research, gathering documents or conducting interviews. To become licenced, you must be at least 18 years of age and complete an approved training course.

Tourist Attractions

Toronto is filled with tourists. Working as a tour guide at one of the city’s attractions allows you to learn something new, while meeting new and interesting people. Consider one of the area’s museums, markets or walking tours. You could also browse through a Toronto Tourism site to see what’s nearby and of interest to you.

Amusement Park Attendants

Sometimes you have to think outside the box! With Canada’s Wonderland nearby, students can work as a park attendant. Currently, they are looking for monsters for their Halloween haunt!