8 Great and Free E-books to Help You Save Money

If you’re looking for some inspiration to save more of your money, here is a list of 8 free e-books that can help you do just that. From short and concise to detailed full-length tomes, these e-books cover a range of topics which include cutting costs, investing, RESPs and great Canadian websites. Hurry, some may not be free for long!

1. Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page by Trent Hamm - The Simple Dollar

Everything you ever really needed to know

Trent has been writing over at The Simple Dollar since 2006. He writes about fighting debt, spending habits and building wealth. In his free e-book, Trent shares with readers the basics of personal finance summarized into a few key rules. This 49 page e-book is filled with information and tips to get readers started on a path to personal wealth. This e-book can be downloaded here.

2. Easy RESP Guide by A. Dawn – A Dawn Journal

From the author of the popular Canadian finance blog A Dawn Journal, the Easy RESP Guide is a must for Canadian parents. Dawn goes into detail explaining the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). This e-book is a one stop resource for all RESP related terminology, the types of RESPs available, how they work and different grants available to Canadian parents. The author has also included a Frequently Asked Questions section. As a bonus, the Easy RESP Guide includes the first two chapters of Dawn’s full length book Invest Now – A Canadian’s Guide to Investing.
The Easy RESP Guide is free of charge and can be downloaded from the author’s blog here.

3. Top 100 Websites for Saving Money in Canada by Steven and Lina Zussino

Top 100 Websites for Saving Money in Canada

Written by Canada’s Frugal Couple, Top 100 Websites for Saving Money in Canada is a must for those looking for the best Canadian online resources. This free e-book features the couple’s top 100 picks for money related websites. Featured sites include Mint.com, Moneysense, Gail Vax-Oxlade and Save.ca. There’s something for everyone, including discount shopping sites, blogs and financial tools.
This free e-book can be downloaded here.

4. 925 Ideas to Help You Save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire A Millionaire So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World by Devin D. Thorpe

925 Ideas to Help You Save Money

This collection of ideas and articles covers important personal finance topics such as frugal living, cars, homes, careers, increasing your savings and investing. Thorpe’s numerous articles answer questions like “How do I pick investments for my child’s college fund?” and “What are the fees and expenses of mutual funds?”, walking readers through various financial situations from different stages of life. There’s something for everyone in this full-length detailed e-book.
Devin D. Thorpe’s free e-book can be found here.

5. The Practical Treehugger: Simple, Realistic Tips to Save the Planet and Your Wallet by J. S. Cash

The Practical Treehugger

Published in 2012, The Practical Treehugger: Simple, Realistic Tips to Save the Planet and Your Wallet is a 30 page e-book that simplifies money saving techniques that are also good for the environment. With ideas such as saving money at home, reducing car costs and recycling, this e-book will give you some good ideas to cut costs.
This e-book is currently offered for free an Amazon.ca and can be found here.

6. 50 Things to Know Before and After You Retire: Planning a Happy Future by Planning Ahead by Charlotte Whitney

50 Things to Know

This easy read e-book by Charlotte Whitney is a series of questions and answers to get you thinking about what retirement means to you. She offers practical tips related to your health and well-being, educating yourself on personal finance and starting to save early. Although some information is aimed at US readers, most concepts are universal. This Kindle e-book is currently free at Amazon.ca and can be found here.

7. How to Manage Your Money: Take Control of Your Cash and Enjoy Stress Free Financial Security for Life by Daisy Somerfield

How to Manage Your Money

How to Manage Your Money is a good beginner guide for those starting to learn about personal finances. Somerfield explains different financial terms and starts with the basics, such as what are income, cash flow and expenses. She then offers many tips on managing your finances and reducing your costs. This guide would be excellent for teenagers or young adults to help prepare them for living on their own. This short e-book is currently offered for free on Amazon.ca and can be downloaded here.

8. The Path to Happiness and Wealth by Steve Rhode

The Path to Happiness and Wealth

In this e-book, author Steve Rhode focuses on getting out of debt and finding balance when dealing with life and money. He explores the idea of wealth versus prosperity. He also helps identify unresolved money issues and define financial success. The Path to Happiness and Wealth can be downloaded for free here.