Canadian Paid Surveys: How to Start Making Money

So What's Your Opinion Worth?

Customer feedback is valuable in the business world. As a result, the vast majority of companies have a budget specifically set aside to collect data or opinions through Canadian paid surveys from the general public. Some companies even outsource the collection of such data and opinions. For this reason, you can get paid to complete surveys in Canada quite easily.

The company to which this work is outsourced often look online in a quest to find suitable candidates. In fact, the data collection company is often willing to pay each individual a portion of the money they receive from the original company in return for a completed survey - hence paid surveys. The individual completing the survey is helping the business, so gets rewarded with payment.

However, it is not all good news. Payment tends to be only a few dollars and some surveys only attract a few cents. So, is it really possible to earn enough money completing surveys online to make it all worthwhile?

get paid for surveys in Canada

The Price of Your Opinion

Getting paid to complete surveys in Canada sounds like easy money and to an extent this is true. Although payment is not high and completing surveys will never make you rich, it is a good way to earn a few extra dollars. Online surveys vary greatly in length, with some only lasting a few seconds and others taking up to 45 minutes (or more).

The longer the survey, the higher the payment you receive. Under normal circumstances, longer surveys pay between 2 to 4 Canadian dollars. Providing surveys are readily available and are completed regularly, it is possible to earn in excess of 50 dollars a month.

Getting Your Money

The payment process for online survey sites can be confusing. In the majority of cases, customers are expected to sign up to a particular site and they will then visit the site at their convenience to complete surveys.

Only when the customer has reached a certain limit will they be able to request payment. Most survey sites expect their customers to earn at least 30 Canadian dollars before they will pay out. This means customers are not paid weekly or monthly but only when they reach the cut off point.

Where to Find Canadian Paid Survey Sites

It is important to try and find some feedback on a company before working with them. Try and search for reviews of Canadians who have already used the site. There is little point joining up to a site if there are never any surveys to complete or people have never reached the pay-out limit.

This research will also give you a rough idea of how much you can earn and how much time you will need to spend completing surveys to do so. This way you can find the site that is best suited for you. It may be that you are looking to earn as much as possible, so sign up to the site with the highest paid surveys. Alternatively, if you have less time and just want to earn a few extra dollars here and there, visit a site with shorter surveys.