Get Paid to Take Surveys: Legitimate Jobs & How to Find Them

So You Want to Get Paid to Take Surveys?

Surveys are a fantastic way to supplement income from the comfort of your own home, and without any major effort on your part. The only equipment you need to undertake this work is a laptop with an internet connection and an opinion.

Though not substantial enough to pay the rent or mortgage, survey earnings can give you a little extra pocket money, which can easily pay the electricity bill, buy a few of the household groceries or pay for dinner in a restaurant every now and then.

legitimate paid surveys

However, it's important to know a few key things before you jump in and start handing out your details to every website offering free cash rewards.

The Important Bit

Under no circumstances should you ever have to pay for membership to a survey website. All of the legitimate websites that offer good rewards where you can get paid to take surveys are absolutely free and don't even charge a fee for withdrawal or redemption. Completion of surveys adds credits to your account, which can be withdrawn upon reaching a threshold set by the website administration - anything from a few pounds or dollars to much, much more for a select few companies.

Furthermore, it is important to do research into a company before you start handing out your financial and personal information. Though some survey websites may require your bank account details for payment, most will pay via PayPal, which is probably a better choice for most as it offers much more security. Besides, recent changes to the service mean that transfers from PayPal to your bank account are extremely quick, in some cases instant.

How to Find the Best Websites

Any search engine will turn up a plethora of websites promising surveys and rewards to members who sign up for an account. Indeed, it can be hard to find the best websites and best rewards among all those on offer.

One of the best approaches to take is to consult a community forum that shares experiences and tips on using survey websites. There are many of these available, one of the biggest being owned by a popular television personality. Community forums are particularly helpful in pointing out which websites to use and which to avoid.

One point to take into consideration is that survey websites often share surveys which are provided by a single company, but marketed to different platforms. This means that if you have signed up to use multiple survey websites, you may only be able to complete each survey on one of the platforms as the website can track your IP address and prevent you from completing the same survey again.

What Is a Threshold and What Does it Mean for Me?

A threshold, in terms of survey websites, is the minimum amount of credit that you must reach before you can request a payout to your bank or PayPal account. This varies greatly between different websites. Some offer a generously low threshold of around 5 dollars, whereas others set limits as high as 40 dollars.

When you consider that the payment for surveys can range anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars (occasionally higher) it can take a long time to reach this payout. This means that if you commit to surveys on a website with a high threshold for payout, then it's essential to have patience. Quitting before the finish line would mean a large waste of time and effort.