Paid Surveys at Home: Are they Worth the Effort?

So why bother?

For many stay-at-home moms, active seniors or those who are between regular employment and find themselves with time on their hands, the opportunity to earn some extra cash with paid surveys at home can be a tempting prospect.

The on-going growth in paid survey websites seems to indicate that more-and-more people are finding them a good way of earning a few dollars to supplement their current income or to provide some extra cash for life’s ‘little extras’. But is it just another scam or something worth the effort to consider?

When you start looking for possible survey sites to join do not even think of signing-up to one who asks for a joining-fee. The whole global industry of market research is a tool used by our leading corporations and businesses to get invaluable consumer feedback on their current, or new, products and services. A legitimate site will never ask for a fee as they realize that you are the link in the chain needed to provide their clients with the data which they need.

Also be very wary of those which promise you a five-figure annual salary and the potential to put that BMW 1 Series Coupe on the driveway. This is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ opportunity and will never allow you to be self-supporting.

What Can I Get for Completing Paid Surveys?

According to the 2012 RBC Travel Rewards Poll the dream holiday destination for most Canadians would be Honolulu, a European city or Disney World. Well completing paid surveys will, unfortunately, not allow you to indulge that fantasy.

Most sites will pay you in points which you can then cash-in and convert to dollars or rewards; one of the leading agencies will award you with ‘Market Points’. When you have accrued 1,000 of these points you can redeem them for 50 CAD.

All of the sites will give you a bonus of 5-10 CAD just for signing-up and completing your personal online profile, which will allow them to evaluate your demographic, and hobbies and interests in order to channel you the most appropriate surveys. Completing a paid survey at your house can take as little as five minutes or as much as 45 depending on how proficient your keyboard skills are; an average award per survey can be 10-25 points.

Earnings are generally paid through PayPal or can be exchanged for e-certificates, gift cards or even donated to a charity of your choice on your behalf if you are of a philanthropic nature.

So is it worth the hassle?

Doing home paid surveys can be a little repetitive and, despite the user-profile filter, you may sometimes find yourself assessing the latest video game or breakfast cereal when you would rather be evaluating cosmetics or an up-coming cinema blockbuster.

It is also certainly not the best option for those who are impatient to earn cash as quickly as possible and will need daily dedication to see those points mount up. But for those individuals who have a few minutes or hours to devote every day after dropping the kids off at school, finishing the shopping or taking a half-hour breather with a cup of coffee, completing Paid Online Surveys can provide a great way to stay involved, keep your mind active and put a few dollars aside for that rainy day.