Stay at Home Parents

Government Benefits for Stay at Home Parents VS Working Parents

Having a baby is an exciting and special time in a couple’s life. It is also a time of great change. In order to be better prepared on the financial front, it’s important to understand the various government benefits offered to Canadian parents. Many are accessible to all families, regardless of income or work status. Some only apply to certain situations. Let’s examine the various benefits you may have access to once baby arrives. Read Full Article »

Cheap and Free Things to Do with the Whole Family for Father's Day

Father’s Day is here – time to spoil dad with a new tie! Fancy gifts aside, it’s important to show dad how much you appreciate him. By focusing on creating new family traditions instead of spending money, you can create a memorable holiday that is fun and inexpensive. If you’re looking for some new and frugal ideas to celebrate Father’s Day, here are a few activities the whole family can enjoy. Breakfast Picnic Get away for the weekend as a family. Spend the weekend swimming, canoeing and roasting marshmallows over the campfire. The kids... Read Full Article »

Ideas for Quality Family Time During Easter

With the March Break already in our rear-view mirror, my family and I are looking forward to spending quality time together during the Easter Break. Spring has arrived and we are ready for new adventures after the long winter. Here are a few ideas to keep the entire family busy and happy during the holiday. Make Your Own Chocolates As a special activity this year, my children and I are making our own Easter chocolates. It can be as simple as melting moulding wafers in a double boiler or microwave and pouring the chocolate into special candy... Read Full Article »

Tips for Working Stay-at-Home Moms

Working from home has many advantages for moms in terms of juggling work and children. Here are some tips as to how to get the best out of stay at home mom jobs. Make It Clear that You Are Working One of the reasons why home working can be more productive than being in an office is that home workers are out of the reach of people who will try to pass on work they could and would do themselves if they had to. Unfortunately, the danger of home working is that family will then assume a similar role. This is where it helps to have a designated... Read Full Article »

Takin the Decision of Becoming a Working Mom

Are you the Mom of one of the 371,000 babies born in Canada between 2010 and 2011? Perhaps you have decided, for whatever reason, that homeworking will provide the best option for you and your family. It can be a challenge to find a rewarding career opportunity to follow that will not only earn you the financial recompense you need but give you the fulfillment you deserve. One person who recognized this problem is Lesley Spenser who, back in 1995, founded the HBWM (Home-Based Working Mom’s) association, a professional organisation and online... Read Full Article »